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Got Questions? The Alpha Film Series explores the Christian faith by addressing questions including: Is there more to life than this? Who is Jesus? How can I have faith? Does God heal today? How can I make the most of the rest of my life?
Each session includes food, a talk, and discussion. These sessions are for those new to the faith, those wanting to be equipped in sharing their faith, and those who have questions about faith.
To register text "alpha" to 701-353-2498. More info at
The Alpha Film Series will be meeting at the Snack Shop at Lakewood Park Bible Camp, Sunday evenings at 6:30pm.

Alpha Film Series

Beginning Sunday (October 3) at 6:30 PM, we are going on a journey- a journey of discovery. Alpha-Discover, Connect, Belong. For more details or to register, text the word "alpha' to 701-353-2498 or check out our events page for more details.