We want to provide your kids with the best experience here at River of Life. Upon arrival, a team member will greet you and walk you through the check-in process.  We ask that all guardians checking in kids provide a mobile phone number, emergency contact name, and allergy info.

The first Sunday of each month is our BGMC Sunday. BGMC stands for Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge. We learn about a different country each month and what the missionaries are doing there and how BGMC has helped them by providing supplies like puppets and Sunday School curriculum or even things like fresh drinking water. We challenge kids to reach the world through Praying, Giving and Going. 

The other Sundays we use High Voltage Kids Curriculum. 

Some Sundays we have FAMILY CHURCH (typically the last Sunday of the month). Family Church is when kids stay in the Sanctuary with their families.  During these Sundays, we have Busy Bags with color & activity pages and books available.